The Holman Middle School Mission is to provide rigorous and relevant educational experiences that foster creativity, critical thinking, and competent communication to prepare all students for an ever-changing world.
During school:
Holman Television Crew (HTV), National Junior Honor Society, Newspaper Club, WEB (Where Everyone Belongs)
Family Activities:
Open House, Family Activity Night, ELL Family Night, St. Louis Suburban Solo and Ensemble Festival, Renaissance Trivia Night, Renaissance Moviepalooza and Band, Orchestra and Vocal Music Concerts
Book Battle, Intramurals, Jazz Band, Yearbook, Newspaper Club, Orchestra, Renaissance, Homework Club, Robotics
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The vision for Holman Middle School is to provide a rigorous and relevant education for all students. This includes meeting individual needs in academic, social, and emotional areas, recognizing:

* the importance of each individual student
* the obligation to develop respectful, responsible, and involved citizens of character
* the significance of creating a safe, healthy, and happy environment
* the powerful impact relationships have on learning
* the definitive need to ensure equity for all students
* the need for highly-qualified and effective personnel
* the necessity of family and community involvement in students' educational development


Our school day divided up into multiple class periods depending on the day. You can check out our daily schedules below.
Daily Schedules


There are 6 grading periods during the school year. Each grading period is 6 weeks long. Grades are updated approximately every two weeks. You can learn more about our grading system as well as how to access them online below.

6th Grade Transition

Making the jump from elementary to middle school can be pretty scary. The web site below was created to help make the transition as easy as possible and to ensure that students will be successful.
Incoming 6th Graders