You can check a students grades at any time by logging into PowerSchool. If you don't have a login you may get one from the main office. You will need to show a photo ID.

Grades are updated approximately every 2 weeks. Each grading period is 6 weeks long. All the end dates for each grading period can be found in the Holman Calendar.

Behavior & Effort

4 - Exceeds Expectations - Consistently prepared, attentive and exceeds academic expectations
3 - Expected - Prepared, attentive, actively involved and utilizes class time effectively
2 - Needs Improvement - Occasionally unprepared, inattentive and innappropriate use of class time
1 - Unsatisfactory - Repeatedly unprepared for class and apathetic

4 - Exceeds Expectations - Frequently courteous and exhibits above average behavior
3 - Expected - cooperative and demonstrates mutual respect
2 - Needs Improvement - Occasional negative influence in class
1 - Unsatisfactory - Repeatedly disrespectful and disruptive to classroom setting