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Three students enjoy playing a card game together to practice reading and following directions.

Sail Toward Success

Holman Middle Schoolers embark on a voyage in a nurturing environment where every student thrives academically and socially.

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A student works on her iPad while researching famous scientists.

The Pirate Experience

Explore a unique learning model where students from all three grades come together, charting their educational journey at their own pace.

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Choir students perform at a local elementary school.

Students First

We focus on the whole child and ensure our spaces are warm and inviting so students feel comfortable and engaged in their learning journey.

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What’s Happening

at Holman Middle School

Latest News

Graphic announcing Pattonville's new website launch on June 14

The Pattonville School District is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its new website on Friday, June 14. Last fall, we surveyed users and learned our community wanted a site that is accessible, searchable and easy to navigate to find essential resources. We focused on that and much more on the new website and wanted to share some of the exciting changes you will see. 

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Upcoming Events

Group of students on steppers team



The Holman Steppers are a group that embodies the very essence of teamwork and creativity! This team helps to foster a sense of unity, teamwork and discipline through the use of dance and step. They are coached by Bria Griffith, assisted by Laura Waisner along with high schoolers Markelle Maxie, Tristyn Russell and Khloe Butts.

Holman Steppers
Three students playing a board game



Friends of Rachel Club brings students from all grade levels together to build and maintain friendships. Students have the opportunity to grow in kindness and acceptance of one another. In Friends of Rachel Club students come together not knowing one another and leave with lasting friendships. The main purpose of this program is to allow students to have a safe environment to build friendships and spread kindness throughout our school community. 

Friends of Rachel Club
Students performing jazz music on stage



The Holman Jazz Band is a vibrant extracurricular program designed to nurture and showcase the musical talents of Holman's students! Serving as a creative outlet for aspiring musicians, the Jazz Band provides a sense of community and camaraderie among students who share a passion for jazz music. This program is vital to our school and district as it enriches our cultural landscape, providing opportunities for students to engage with music beyond the classroom.

Jazz Band
Two students playing chess



Chess club gives students an opportunity to learn a classic board, while developing critical thinking skills. Students enjoy teaching each other strategy, sportsmanship, and how to improve from previous mistakes. No matter the skill level, students feel welcomed and are eager to learn one of the world's most popular board games.  

Chess Club

Who we are

At Holman Middle School, we’re dedicated to putting students first, fostering a nurturing environment where they feel safe, supported and empowered to thrive. With a focus on whole-child development, we prioritize social-emotional wellbeing alongside academic excellence, ensuring every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

About our school