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Checking Grades

PowerSchool vs. Canvas

We use two grading systems at Holman. Canvas is where you will find all the daily grading of assignments with teacher feedback. PowerSchool is where you will find grades at the end of the term. The chart below shows what you will find in each.


We will still use PowerSchool for report cards, schedules, and other important student data.  All Parents will still need a PowerSchool account.

  1. Visit

  2. You most likely already have a PowerSchool account.  If not you can contact your school office to set one up.  

  3. You can reset your credentials by clicking “Forgot Username or Password?”


Canvas has both a web interface and an App. We recommend you start with the web interface. It has more options and works better with email notifications.

What about Pirate Academy?

Pirate Academy is a unique program that requires a unique grading system. The program is based on Competency Based Grading instead of letter grades. Because of this, Pirate Academy uses Empower to track student progress. Canvas is still used for Electives/PE/ and Algebra and Powerschool still has a place for certain things too. The handout below explains the difference.

Empower is a Competency Based gradebook used only by Pirate Academy at Holman. Parent accounts are already created for you and your username and password will be provided to you by your child's teacher. Once logging in the first time you will be able to change your password to one of your choosing.

Pirate Academy Grading Systems