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Tech Tips: Troubleshooting

Daily iPad Use Tips

  • It is expected that students will bring their iPad fully charged to school every day.

  • Make sure you are using the larger charging plug to charge the iPad. It is a higher wattage and charges faster than smaller phone chargers.

  • The district will also be implimenting a new downtime setting on Sunday-Thursday night between 12-5am where the iPad will be unusable.



Did you turn it off and on again?

It isn't just something that tech people like to say. It works! Many times if there are weird things going on restarting the iPad will solve it. Keyboard issues, wifi problems, apps misbehaving can all sometimes be solved by restarting the iPad.

Missing apps?

Sometimes you might be missing an app or might need to reinstall one to make things work right. On our district devices you won't have access to the Apple App Store but that doesn't mean you can still install apps. We use an app called Manager which is essentially a Pattonville App Store that you can use to install or reinstall any missing or misbehaving app.



Help Desk

If all else fails and the issues are beyond your control you can always reach us at the Holman Help Desk. Please be kind as we are currently receiving a high volume of calls and emails. It is normally faster for us to respond via email.