Board approves updated strategic plan (CSIP) for 2023-2028

The Pattonville Board of Education on Feb. 14 approved an updated strategic plan for the district following a months-long process involving parents, students, community members, staff and area leaders. The plan, or CSIP (Comprehensive School Improvement Plan), focuses on ensuring all students become success-ready graduates and planning for and addressing any critical issues that may arise in the areas of facilities, finances, safety and staffing. Each school provided feedback on the district CSIP plan and met independently to create a building plan. Those are expected to be completed at the Feb. 21 district CSIP meeting. Below are the goals and objectives for the 2023-2028 CSIP plan.

Goal 1 - Student Learning

Students demonstrate significant improvement in their understanding and application of state academic standards.


  • All students are proficient in English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.
  • Students are responsible citizens.
  • Career and technical education is an integral component of the education program.
  • The district designs elementary and middle school after-school programming to prepare students for high school academic and athletic options; supports community programming meeting specific criteria that supports Pattonville student participation in athletics and activities; and improves and enhances supports for programming.


  • All students score proficient or higher on the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) and internal assessments. All students meet the equity targets of high school course content readiness and success ready graduates.
  • Attendance rate (annually) 90% of students attend school 90% of the time.
  • Graduation rate (annually) is 92% or higher.
  • Student responsibility indicators increase annually (e.g. decrease in office referrals, etc.).
  • Community service involves 100% of students (K-12).
  • Increased number of career and technical education approved programs.
  • Increased participation in career and technical student organizations.
  • 90% of graduates will meet the MSIP 6 standard for post-secondary placement.
  • Types of after school programming offered and number of students participating at the elementary and middle levels will increase annually.
  • Elementary and middle school after school programming supports high school MSHSAA options.
  • Program satisfaction survey results from students and parents will increase annually.


Goal 2 - Align Goals

Develop and implement building-level school improvement plans consistent with CSIP.


  • Building improvement plans improve structure, instruction and climate that supports improved student achievement and responsibility.


  • Schools accumulate 90% or more of the possible points on MSIP 6 standards.
  • Climate improves annually or maintains a 90% satisfaction level.
  • All teachers participate in professional development that directly supports the plan.
  • Teams composed of at least 50% or more community/parents/student representatives who are not employees of the district.


Goal 3 - Critical Issues

Develop a plan that addresses critical issues.


  • Funding, staffing, safety and facilities.


  • Facilities plan supports student application of state standards.
  • Maintain at least MSIP “desirable” student-teacher ratios and facilities within a balanced budget (with 26% balances).
  • Provide a safe learning environment for the Pattonville community of students and staff.

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